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we had great interviews. a lot of surprises in just minutes. >> it was really, really quite a night. what is this sleep that people talk about? sleep. >> overrated! >> highly overrated. >> george, you said everybody is here. but, where is sam? ♪ [ playing the bond theme ] >> really? really? ♪ >> oh. >> where you been? >> you know, it looks so much easier in the movie, when bond does it. there is snow from denver to kansas city today. i was a little bit delayed. it was a long ski. >> we'll go -- you go. >> that bond theme from last night.
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>> you know who wants to keep the bond thing going on. yeah, okay, you're bond. >> i'm bond, hi. >> no, it was -- it was great fun. thank you for that. we love you and the "gma" players. the tribute was great. we're going to have much more on the bond tribute last night. plus, an interview that we cannot wait to bring you with adele and all of the sizzling looks that we saw firsthand on the red carpet. too many to talk about right now. it was a lot of eye candy. just really fun to be out there. >> it was. >> we also have a lot of other news to get to. including the blizzard. but we want to start out with the best from the oscars last night and josh. >> what a night to remember. an evening of triumphs, tears, and special returns. and an endearing tumble by best actress winner jennifer lawrence. george spoke to her and anne hathaway backstage.
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but first, the highlights of hollywood's biggest night. >> "argo." >> reporter: and moments later, its star, director, and producer ben affleck hit the night's emotional high point. >> and it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life. because that's going to happen. all that matters is that you gotta get up. >> reporter: best actress winner jennifer lawrence knows what that is like after tripping on her way up the stairs. >> you're just standing because you feel bad because i fell. that's really embarrassing. >> reporter: this year's titans were not embarrassed to show affection on stage. >> meryl was steven's first choice for "lincoln." i would like to see that version. >> reporter: "django unchained" won two awards, best supporting actor for christoph waltz and writer/director quentin
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tarantino for best screenplay. >> i have to cast the right people to make those characters come alive and hopefully live for a long time. and boy, this time, did i do it. >> reporter: also getting it right, best supporting actress, anne hathaway, and the dream she dreamed. >> it came true. >> reporter: mark wahlberg presented with seth macfarlane's ted. >> no b.s., we have a tie. >> reporter: winning outright, "the life of pi" was the night's big winner with four awards overall. >> thank you for taking a leap with me. >> reporter: and yes, we heard the people sing, from the cast of "les mis" to legend barbra streisand. ♪ of the smiles we left behind >> reporter: and dream girl jennifer hudson, who brought down the house with "and i'm telling you." meanwhile macfarlane was looking for his own love from the audience. >> will it be quevnzhane wallis
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or emmanuelle rivas who was 9 when this started. >> your jokes are tasteless and inappropriate and everyone ends up hating you. >> a winning pratfall as we saw from jennifer lawrence. george, just one of really the power players of young hollywood out in force last night that you got the chance to meet last night. >> we talked to both leading ladies. anne hathaway, jennifer lawrence. they got the oscars, they bumped them, and then they had a lot of fun. you completely looked shellshocked when your name was announced. >> and the oscar goes to, jennifer lawrence, "silver linings playbook." >> well, yeah. i feel like i can't remember it. it was an insane moment. and -- it was just really exciting. it was just really shocking.
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i think i was -- that is the first time think i felt actual shock. >> we could see it. oh, you got a fan here. >> oh. >> no politics, george. >> if you want to talk politics, we can. >> thank you. being really rude. >> good to see you. >> i enjoyed it. >> oh, my god. thank you. i loved all your movies. oh, really? do i look like a new girl here? >> i thought about it. >> oh, my dpod. is he still here? >> i'll be waiting. >> oh, my gosh. i need a rearview mirror. >> i was going to ask you what are you going to remember about tonight. i think it is -- >> that. >> had you met him before? >> no!
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hey. i know jennifer garner. she's really nice. hi, yeah. this is my life now, hey, jashg, hey, general, how are you? >> reporter: but jack wasn't the only big name jennifer met last night. she met anne hathaway for a hug, an oscar bump. shared notes about the designer gowns. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: like lawrence, hathaway was still a bit stunned when she sat down. when are you going to let go? >> not anytime soon. i've got a vice-like grip. ♪ so different from this hell i'm living ♪ >> reporter: doing a role that your mom did when you were 8 years old. >> yes. >> reporter: that's got to make it so special? >> it does. i mean, i have never won an oscar before. i imagine it's special any way you slice it. but the fact that it has that history, i do feel lucky to have had a head start on the material. >> i bet you did. you seemed to have a special moment with hugh jackman on
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stage. >> i literally would not be here without him. he's the kindest, gentlest person. >> you have done it all. you've sang, you've hosted, now you've won. i take it this is the best one? >> yeah, yeah. and singing the same year as winning is pretty divine. i thought the cast killed it. we had never sung it all together before. ♪ >> it was really great. congratulations. >> enjoy your evening. >> thank you. so sweet. that song is always so thrilling. >> how is jennifer lawrence able to stay unaffected? 22 years old. >> that is my new favorite moment. fantastic. >> it was a lot of fun. we're going to shift gears right now. another leading lady, historymaking day in daytona. danica patrick on the pole.
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she finished better than any woman ever at daytona. abc's matt gutman was there for every exciting moment. >> reporter: for five laps, danica patrick made history on sunday, becoming the first woman to lead at daytona. veteran jimmie johnson would win it. but the race belonged to patrick, who finished eighth. it began with race grand marshal, even amending the traditional command. >> drivers, and danica, start your engines! >> reporter: 490 miles later, patrick was in third place, it was coming down to the wire. the cars tightly packed. after the race, she hinted the other men shouldered her away from the lead. could they have been working as a pack? >> i had a little bit of help here today here and there. i felt like if i were to dive low, i -- i had a feeling i was going to get freight-trained.
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so, you know, it was tough to tell. >> reporter: she was the first woman to take pole position at the super bowl of racing that was nearly overshadowed by this crash. tumbling through the finish line. watch car number 32 spin, and catapult into the fencing like a spear. the result, pandemonium. >> holy cow, oh my god! >> reporter: you can see a tire landing right on a spectator, but the fans came back for more. how many people sitting here got hit or saw something yesterday? this morning, seven people remain hospitalized because of the crash. to give you a sense of the violence, this is the piece of the transmission from one of those engines, it became a flying piece of shrapnel. robin? >> could have been far more worse. all right, matt, thank you. we're going to turn now to the pope. the pope gave his final blessing sunday to a crowd of 100,000 in
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rome. he's announcing changes to the process of electing a new pope this morning. this all happens as his final days are shadowed by a new controversy. david wright has the latest from rome. sflr good morning, george. some breaking news to report this morning. today, the pope accepting the resignation of keith o'brien, britain's senior cardinal. o'brien will not be traveling to rome to participate in the conclave, not wanting to become a distraction. the latest and strongest example of how the papal election campaign is getting ugly. today, pope benedict is expected to issue new rules about the timing and proceedings of the conclave. he can do it by decree. the pope is an absolute monarch. the vatican is accusing the press corps of being the modern day equivalent of the borgias. these day, the italian papers read like dan brown novel. as doier prepared for the pope's
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eyes only. detailing a sex and blackmail scandal involving the curia. there's some truth to it. last year, the pope formed an investigative commission. these three men, referred to as in the italian press, the 007 cardinals. the pope's butler stole classified documents. from the papal apartments. they gave the pope a report. only he and they know what's in it. >> you get tons of rumors and all these whispers. most of them are not true. >> reporter: at the same time, there's the very real church sex abuse scandal, casting a shadow over l.a.'s roger mahony and other voting cardinals. the request raised, should morally tainted cardinals be allowed to help choose the new pope? moments ago, the vatican announced that the pope has released new rules. the bottom line is the cardinals will not have to wait the 15
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days that they would have waited before. but the timing of the conclave will be up to them. george? >> okay, thank you, david wright. >> you'll be heading to rome. >> tomorrow. now to the latest on oscar pistorius. due to report to police today. one of the mandatory conditions of his bail. and the parents of the victim, reeva steenkamp, speaking out for the first time in a dramatic television interview. amy robach is in south africa with the story. >> reporter: in their first televised interview since their daughter was shot to death by her boyfriend, the paralympian oscar pistorius, her parents were a picture of heartbreak, broadcast on south african tv on sunday. reeva steenkamp's mother talked about how the police called her. asking her if she had a daughter. >> i said, yes. he said there's been an accident and she's been shot. and i said, all i want to know now if she's alive or she's dead. and he said, i'm sorry to tell you, she's dead.
7:13 am
>> reporter: the double-amputee, nicknamed the blade runner, granted bail on friday, claimed he killed steenkamp accidentally. her grief-stricken father wants him to come clean. >> it's only oscar and reeva that know the true story. he must just come out with the honest truth. >> reporter: on sunday, the saga took another sharp twist with news that the runner's older brother, carl, is being charged in the 2008 death of a woman who was on a motorcycle and she collided with his car. over the weekend, the last image of steenkamp emerged. it shows her smiling as she drives up to the entrance of pistorius' house. hours later, she was shot dead. oscar pistorius is not allowed to return home. it's being treated as an active
7:14 am
crime screen. police have removed the bullet-riddled bathroom door. their investigation continues today and in the many days to come. robin? >> all right, amy, thank you very much. josh with the other stories now. breaking news to the north to begin with. the coast guard searching south of san francisco for four people, including two young children, missing after their sailboat sank on sunday. they had no life raft but were trying to make one out of a cooler before they abandoned ship. we'll have updates as news becomes available. and a 6.2 magnitude earthquake shook eastern japan this morning. so strong, people had trouble standing up. it lasted about 30 seconds. but so far, no serious damage has been reported. and in washington, congress returns from its recess today with four days to go before some $85 billion in spending cuts take effect. with no compromise in sight, the president warned the nation's governors those cuts will eventually impact everyone from defense contractors to teachers, to nurses who provide child vaccinations.
7:15 am
meanwhile, gas prices have jumped another 20 cents in the last two weeks. but there is some good news. prices are finally beginning to level off, in part, because oil prices are now beginning to drop. and take a look at this. a wild scene in houston. a car ending up upside down on the roof of that house. a driver missed a turn going some 90 miles an hour. launched over a hill, bounced off one house before ending up in the second. he walked away with barely a scratch. the same cannot be said for the house. but again, i don't know how they get the car down off a roof. >> my favorite punchline, he walked away with barely a scratch. >> poor house. meanwhile, sam, poor midwest. this is an area that got walloped and is getting walloped anew. >> in denver, almost 9 inches of snow, the foothills, almost 27 inches.
7:16 am
take a look at the spinouts in the denver area. you think these folks know how to handle the snow. there's more during the day today. here's who gets the snow today. it's in a long line. this basically extends in the areas that are shaded in pink. more than a foot of snow. and some strong, gusty winds. that's not the only problem. on the gulf coast, a powerful line of thunderstorms. the exact same situation from last week. snow to the north and along the gulf. that's the weather around the nation. you >> four states have blizzard
7:17 am
warnings today. 14 states have winter weather watches, warnings, or advisories out. it's a big winter mess in the middle of the country. all that weather brought you to by royal caribbean cruises. >> all right, sam. we want to get back to the oscars right now. what a blockbuster night. it was absolutely beautiful. dazzling moments.
7:18 am
especially, one robin roberts, dazzling in blue. >> yea. >> royal blue. marc bouwer. >> look at that. >> working that marc bouwer like i have never seen. >> is that velvet? is that velvet? >> i believe it was velvet. it was really a special night for us to see you there. >> last year was the time that i was beginning to feel ill, but, you know, what a difference a year makes. great to see you out there on the red carpet. it was a great comfort to look over and see you, lara. kristin chenoweth did great job, kelly rowland and jess cagle. psychologically, it was great to be back. >> it must have been great to get the greetings. >> everyone is in such a great mood on the red carpet. oscar night. >> let me tell you, most popular girl. everyone's like, hey, lara, where is robin? i'm like, that way and go. so happy you were here. i also loved the sort of quiet
7:19 am
energy there was on the carpet. it wasn't frenetic. everyone seemed really calm, cool, collected. the fashion reflected that. >> look that segue. >> great segue. >> a lot more coming up, including the reviews on set [ male announcer ] these heads belong to those who can't put life on hold
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>> now from abc7 news. good morning, we are following developing news off the coast a search is underway if a missing
7:23 am
people, they abandoned their sailboat. the group called for hope yesterday afternoon after the 29' sailboat was taking on water and they were abandoning ship. the coast guard lost radio contact. they may have transferred to a makeshift life rack. >> north 880 we had an early car fire that is cleared but slow traffic remains. new bart delay at 10 minutes into a medical emergency in san francisco direction of the pittsburg bay point line and muni outbound and san francisco, also, delays, and ace train three is running seven minutes late. >> when we come back, mike nicco and the b
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>> we are looking from mount tamalpais you can see the haze at 45 in san francisco and 43 in oakland and san jose at 37, and walnut creek at 40, and palo alto is a cool spot at 34 degrees. today, temperatures compared to average from one degree warmer in oakland to one to three degrees cooler elsewhere. we are in the low-to-mid 60's in most neighborhoods and mid-to-upper 50's in san francisco where it will be
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♪ we will go the people here we will follow where they go ♪ [ cheers and applause ] boy, wasn't that gripping last night? the whole cast of "les miserables." the first time ever they sang all together. >> she also told me -- ♪ one more ♪ one more day
7:29 am
♪ one day more >> so fantastic. she also told me, george, it was bittersweet. they thu thnew this was really . this would probably be the last time the cast would perform. >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] dj kiss is here with us. our biggest oscar party with the stars ever. wonderful ffr you to get up and stay up and be with us all. we're going talk about the first time oscar host seth macfarlane and we have all the jaw-dropping highlights of his big debut. >> why don't you show me how to sit on the couch? >> i'm trying to figure this one out myself, george. a lot of exclusives ahead. you wait an awful long time, and all the stars come in a rush at the end of the night. there we have them.
7:30 am
the men behind "argo." george clooney, grant heslov, ben affleck. adele was very excited. >> so many people watching the oscars for the sizzling red carpet fashions. now our glam squad will break down the trends that heated up hollywood's hottest night. >> it seems like, we have a lot of extra space out here. >> we keep missing the boys. >> sam in particular. we saw him come in with a james bond moment. >> he's up to something now, i'm afraid. >> what is going on, sam? >> oh, look. >> yet again. >> they're really taking the bond thing very seriously. >> whoa. >> whoa. [ cheers and applause ]
7:31 am
>> wow. >> how did you do that, sam. >> very carefully, that's how. >> they don't builds at s aston martin's like they used to. aren't you supposed to be wearing bike shorts? >> the budget only went so far. >> come on, i want to be bond. come on. >> desperately. >> you're trying so, so hard. >> you're only going have three or four more opportunities. oh, yes, look at this comfy couch. >> let's get to host seth macfarlane. did he walk away a winner? here's chris connelly with a look at the funniest moments. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to the oscars and the quest to make tommy lee jones laugh begins now.
7:32 am
[ cheers and applause ] there we go. >> reporter: and oscar host seth macfarlane was out. tripping the light sarcastic. >> the previously classified story of an american hostage crisis. the story was so top secret that the fim's director is unknown to the academy. >> reporter: cueing up swing era crooning. and dance numbers. the sensibility seemed designed to deliver the u.s. mail. ♪ we saw your boobs in the movie that we saw we saw your boobs ♪ >> how's it going? >> oh, good god in heaven. oh, hell ri they're going to gie it to anne. >> reporter: to getting a kissoff from captain kirk.
7:33 am
>> the show's a diz disaster. >> what do you mean? it's going fine. >> no, it's not. >> reporter: he may have overserved the audience a little. >> i would argue that the actor who really got inside lincoln's head was john wilkes booth. really? 150 years and it's still too soon. >> reporter: then in the home stretch, the zingers found their mark. >> they remember when this town was nothing but cocaine trees as far as the eye could see. >> reporter: or aimed at himself. >> you guys have made beautiful, inspiring movies. i made "ted." your move i haves are here to receive awards. my movie is in red boxes in front of grocery stores being urinated on but bums. >> reporter: sitting fn an inventive hosting gig that was not always silky smooth but certainly stayed the course.
7:34 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> and chris is here with us along with rachel smith, host of on the red carpet. i saw you at "vanity fair" from my tv. you were there. you had not been to bed. >> not quite. clearly. >> i thought i saw that before. still looking good. >> cinderella in the house. >> favorite moment from last night? >> dame shirley bassey. her rendition of gold finger. if the cardinals at the conclave stand up that fast for the new pontiff, i'll be surprised. she was sensational. >> she would say gold finger to anybody on the red carpet. how about you, rachel? >> in the same platform, category, jennifer hudson. the girl just brought down the house. i'm like can you just sing your way through the rest of the
7:35 am
show, jennifer? she was just fabulous. >> knocked it all out. >> did you feel it was entertaining with the big numbers from chicago and "les mis"? that seemed like it was the theme throughout. >> i thought so. i like mint chip ice cream, but every now and then, i like to throw in a coffee fro-yo. i wouldn't have minded hearing steven tyler singing "i don't want to miss a thing." >> the typically somber and heart felt in memboriam, what a surprise. and then barbra streisand singing "the way we were." that was the moment you could hear a pin drop. >> that set was so gorgeous. behind adele, all of that going on in the song. the whole thing. >> it looked like sea rescue. a lot of like giant -- squids
7:36 am
and things. >> exactly. >> she was remarkable. >> how did you feel about seth macfarlane? >> you know, i'm going take it a little easy on him. it was the first time hosting. >> i loved him! >> it was a little edgy for me. it's the oscars. i thought, maybe -- dial back just a little bit. he was entertaining. there were moments, he told on the red carpet, i'll probably have the audience hate me in the first 30 second ps. song he came out with, i was like, whoa, he went there. he's going there again and again. >> sometimes seth is more. and he has a real interesting skill set. the '50s crooner's thing, but the up to the second comedy thing. the combo platter was sometimes a little too much. we had fun watching it. >> what a voice. he's got a great voice. >> get some rest, would you? >> thank you. great job. you look gorgeous.
7:37 am
>> thank you, rachel. >> you, too. >> i'll pass out right here. >> only one of us on the couch is 18 years old, practically. you look fabulous for now rest. don't worry about it. we have one or two things we want to share with you this morning as we look at the weather. by the way, a little bit of snow over the weekend in new england. the snow in the day today moving through the middle of the country. this may become a snowmaker by midweek back in new england. a lot on the board today. the milder air into the northeast. not too bad for following up that big winter system that moved by on the weekend. out on the west, 80 degrees by the time you look at the end of the four-day period in l.a. it is a beautiful warmup. momentarily
7:38 am
>> shift change. shift and change. shift and change, when the weather stop, everybody moves. find chair. find chair when the music stops. you get to stay for the rest of the show. haul that weather was brought you to by ensure. robin roberts? coming up, we have an unprecedented and exclusive access. george's interviews with ben affleck, george clooney, just ahead. and the red carpet wows. the dresses that are beautiful. now a special shout-out from oscar winner anne hathaway. >> good morning, america. thank you. [ female announcer ] dove invited women to test their
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[ cheers and applause ] we're back at 7:44. dj kiss right here. great crowd this morning, up very early. we were out late last night with all the winners as they came backstage. it was a special moment, at the end of the night, "argo." we have done so much on "argo" all year long. end of the night, grant heslov, george clooney, ben affleck.
7:43 am
the introduction from michelle obama. but them all up there. >> the it's a great action figures. >> we had buyer's remorse until tonight. >> the best available. and he was cheap. >> thank everyone on the movie. >> i don't think i have ever seen you nervous until i saw you accept that award tonight. >> our friends in iran living in terrible scircumstances right now. >> it was really moving. i was like, did anybody else ramble on up here. i want to thank my wife who i don't normally associate with iran. there were others. >> mostly you. >> and you guys really did -- shine a light on a lot of people who had not -- here's the funny thing. for 25 years, the only side of the story that was told was one
7:44 am
version of it. all we wanted to do was make a film that we liked and ben took it to another level. we couldn't be happier with the work he did. >> you told an important story. it was funny and thrilling. it was recognized tonight. >> it's this. awards aside, you know, if movies like that, which are movies for grownups, make money, which this one did, if you can continue to do that, the studios will continue the make grown-up films. >> if i'm doing a fake movie, it's going to be a fake hit. >> i hear this wasn't the biggest win in your family today. >> that's true. my daughter did the -- she said i want to do a spelling bee. we found place at a rec center at a park. we took her down there. she did it. she was like, into it and really studied and won her -- she won a trophy. i just talked to her. >> clearly, genes from the
7:45 am
mother. >> we had fun back there. >> a big day for the affleck family. a spelling bee and an oscar. >> congratulations. still to come here, a special oscar-themed "play of the day." a brand new movie. do nowhere. i have lost 101 lbs on weight watchers online. i just got started and i'm like "hey, that first 20 came off, well it wasn't too hard at all." i love breads. you can still eat bread. i love my sweets. i can still have a cookie on weight watchers. i love the barcode scanner. occasionally, i'll use it at the bar. of course! that's what it's for, right? bar code. oh i think i'm never going there again. i feel healthy. and just...young again. [ female announcer ] weight watchers online. the power of weight watchers completely online. join for free today.
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right then, here's "the play of the day." >> oh, the wonderful "play of the day." i have worked long and hard on this. i slaved for the whole weekend on this. the oscars had all the -- the oscars had the -- >> get it out. >> the fun. >> come on. >> i had the parachute and the -- >> sno! >> am i dreaming? >> you're in oz. >> your magic is the only thing
7:50 am
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>> good morning, the chancellor at san francisco city college is scheduled to meet with students this morning, and they got the president obamaing this wanted after a protest on campus demanding the board reverse cuts to classes and teachers and get a loan to resolve the budget crisis, city college is facing a march 15 deadline to keep the accreditation. forecast you negotiation, mike? >> thank you. check out downtown san
7:55 am
francisco, this morning, we are 52, oak is 48 and san jose is 41 and mid-to-upper 30's in petaluma santa cruz and liver more, our warmest weather is thursday and friday. sue? >> welcome to the peninsula, we have an citizen, southbound 101 before woodside lane number two, you can see slow traffic from before the dumbarton bridge exit. north 880 an early can fire is out with slow traffic from 238 and 880 northbound direction.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
live from studio b in los angeles, it's "good morning america's" oscar party with the stars. this morning, the fashion, the parties, and the exclusive moments you'll only see right here on "gma." >> good morning, america. >> we have the red carpet looks from halle to jessica, nicole to charlene. and pretty in pink. and jennifer, jennifer, and jennifer, all dazzling in their dresses. >> i love the dress. >> thank you. >> inside the exclusive parties. where stars celebrated the night in style. >> do you just want to tell me what that is there?
7:59 am
>> i have no idea. i was hoping it was a ruby. >> our unprecedented access. backstage with the winners. >> oh, you've got a fan here. >> and the show-stopping celebration of 50 years of james bond. ♪ if the sky falls >> oscar winner adele leaving everyone shaken and stirred. ♪ makes me love together after [ cheers and applause ] let's keep that bond theme going a little longer. this morning.
8:00 am
boy, it was so great last night to see all those people. adele killed it. >> she did. she did. >> and how about the people here this morning? it's crazy this morning. doesn't matter at all. we have dj kiss up on the set here. backstage, a great time last night. >> it was great. as you said, dj kiss. it was a year ago, our oscar party last year, you were with us. we haven't let you go since. it is wonderful to have dj kiss back with us. we have the details on the hottest fashions on the red carpet, including helen hunt's dress from h&m that had so many people buzzing. but the jewelry was not from h&m that she was wearing. >> it goes to show you, you mix it up. also, a great time on the red carpet with you, robin, talking to all the stars. and i know you talked to two of your very favorites. >> oh, halle berry, the tv does not do her justice. oh, my goodness.
8:01 am
she's just spectacular. and she said she wore that because being a bond girl kind of has that look. and robert de niro, as well, getting a chance to talk to him and his lovely wife, grace. so we have more red carpet. >> looking forward to that. >> that is how it began. and then it would continue. to that end, sammy, the afterparty, all the stars going to celebrate, trailing in your wake. >> i am exhausted by the way. somebody had to do every party there was in town. >> that's him. >> i think lara and i split it up. we're going to take you inside the parties like you have never seen them before. the stars were all out. no matter what you thought about the show, the parties were amazing. guess who played at elton john's party, by the way? >> who? >> we're going to bring her here. emili sande. who rocked it. elton talked about her in the interview.
8:02 am
put your money on this, she's the one to watch. yeah, yeah, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> sound check. >> we have the after afterparty going on here. first, news from josh. and sam got us started on this. we're going to begin with the blizzard sam has been tracking all morning long. the plains getting slammed for the second time in two weeks. the storm dumped more than two feet of snow in denver, canceling hundreds of flights. now texas, oklahoma, missouri and kansas are next. sam has the forecast in just a few moments. and the coast guard searching south of san francisco for four people, including two young children, missing after their sailboat sank on sunday. they abandoned ship in rough waters with no life rafts. again, we'll have updates as news becomes available. breaking news from italy at this hour. new legal action against the captain of the grounded cruise ship, the "costa concordia." prosecutors want to charge francesco schettino with multiple manslaughter charges. five other crew members could also be charged. two americans were among 32 people who died last january when the ship struck a reef.
8:03 am
and major development resulting from a scandal at the vatican. pope benedict has accepted the resignation of britain's top card name. keith o'brien stands accused of inappropriate acts with other men. this morning, the pope approved new rules for the conclave. allowing cardinals to begin deliberating right away instead of waiting the usual 15 days. and in medical news, a big new study on what we should eat to avoid heart disease. the answer? the mediterranean diet. people who ate mostly fish, vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and nuts reduced their chance of heart attack by 30%. compared to those following a regular low-fat diet. and finally, this is wonderful. a heart-warming gesture. by a high school basketball team in massachusetts. senior joey mullaney, always a fan, but could never play because of a rare neurological
8:04 am
disease. he served as team manager until the final home game of the season this weekend, when his teammates lifted him to new heights. they hoisted him up, and he got to dunk. and he got be the star of the night. never stop dreaming. >> that is great. >> and kudos to those teammates who understand what it is to be a team. >> beautiful. >> that is for sure. >> hang on to that rim. >> great story. [ applause ] >> thank you, josh, for bringing that to us. time for an oscar edition of "pop news." >> of "pop news." and we begin. that's for later. it's not quite done yet. we begin this morning by talking about little "q." she didn't win the best actress award. but the sun will come out for 9-year-old quvenzhane wallis. the star of "beasts of the southern wild." she confirmed to me on the red carpet the news that, yes, she's been officially cast as annie in
8:05 am
the new remake of the classic being produced by will smith and jay-z. miss hanigan has no idea what she's about to go up against in little quvenzhane. she's so precocious. she has another movie under her belt, "12 years a slave" with brad pitt. she says if the acting thing gets boring, she wants to be a dentist. because she likes beautiful smiles. >> and can i just say. the puppy purse? we're all going to have to go find a puppy purse after that last night. let's be honest. >> a delicious little girl. also, very big weekend. for matthew mcconaughey. >> oh, how did you do this? how did you do this? >> matthew, congratulations. independent spirit award. for that pivotal role in "magic mike." and he gave the audience a taste of his vocal stylings when he accepted his best supporting actor award. take it away, michael.
8:06 am
♪ i had to take my pants off to win a trophy ♪ ♪ i had to drop my drawers to win an award ♪ >> i'm so flustered, i just called matthew michael. but you understand. he's singing about dropping his drawers. since he won it playing a stripper, we thought it would be nice for him to dance in that acceptance speech. but perhaps there's more to come. he's getting so much buzz for "mud" that is coming out next year. it got stands "os" for that at cannes and sundance. big, big movies coming down the pike for him. >> i think he owes that trophy for "pop news." more appearances on "pop news" than anything else. >> only he could really bring it home. also in "pop news" kristin stewart had to walk the red carpet. don't know if you ♪ ♪ noticed this, robin.
8:07 am
she had not so sleek accessories. she needed crutches. her makeup artist telling "people" magazine she stepped on glass a couple of days before the oscars. she was pictured with the crutches. later on, they got shots of her looking very elegant in her beautiful reem acra gown. and, in case you're wondering, no signs of a certain vampire anywhere nearby. and finally, for the nominees who didn't go home with oscars last night. we have a little something for you to wake up to this morning. a marketing firm is sending the not so lucky nominees a monster sized swag bag filled with about $45,000 worth of goodies. >> $45,000? >> $45,000. we were going to try to dump some on the desk. i'll get them for you. but we've got video of it. it's called the everyone wins a gift bag because the you're a loser gift bag didn't sounds a nice. >> doesn't have the same ring to it. >> everyone really does win, though. >> you're a loser.
8:08 am
>> why not take a trip to australia? chug a huge bottle of tequila and get a free massage. do all thee at the same time, and you're definitely a winner. >> you have some items here on the desk. >> we have some. you have all kinds of things. i'll show you later. curling irons. >> must be for $45,000. >> so, sam, we don't get the gift bag goodies if you give us the weather. >> anything good in there? just look through. save one or two things for me in the bag. one or two. speaking of one or two. how about if we start with that this morning, for you to know as you step outside your doors. a bit of a blizzard watch and warning situation in the middle of the country today. from amarillo up through the great lakes. chicagoland, you're in this situation as well. another hit of snow for the same place that picked it up last week. and the thunderstorms. it's just a pattern following exactly what happened. that system will trail to the east coast. heavy rain coming for the
8:09 am
southeast as well out of this. it looks like we may try to develop a little coastal low as well. as we get to the latter part of the week. i think it is just >> who was the weather by today? no one, what? who was that? was there a sponsor. >> it's by me. >> no, by oscar, ladies and gentlemen. pick one up today. lara, what is coming up? >> what is coming up on the "good morning america" morning menu?
8:10 am
well, i'm assuming the fashion. we've gotta get to it, right? the sizzling fashions. the exclusive interview with best song winner adele. and your behind-the-scenes exclo exclusive pass to all the parties. including elton john's star-studded affair. having a great time in l.a. live on "good morning america." stay with us.
8:11 am
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8:15 am
i'm hugh jackman, good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] handsome hugh. hugh jackman and his beautiful wife, deb, love seeing them last night. they've been so fantastic for this entire awards season process. robin and i had a terrific time in the moment of that we all wait for, i think, for awards season. that red carpet. the fashion. wow. take a look. ♪ whether it was jennifer lawrence's dramatic dior. >> it's very light. it's very functional. >> reporter: or amy adams' pale gray oscar de la renta. which seemed to go on for days. do you feel comfortable? you can move? >> yeah, it's a little big but it's very comfortable, yeah. >> reporter: muted shades were all the rage. anne hathaway rocked this pale
8:16 am
pink prada that she called business in the front, party in the back. >> i'm 30. i feel 30 in this. it's a positive thing. >> reporter: while jessica chastain turned heads in this bronze tone armani prive. metallics and beading were also out in force. on stars like halle berry and naomi watts. >> i like that it had a modern edge and a little bit of the deco at the same time. >> reporter: and those who opted for a pop of color, like reese witherspoon in this blue and black louis vuitton. do you enjoy the process of choosing the dress? >> well, you know, lara, it's very hard. no, it's wonderful you get the opportunity. i love the play dressup and look at all the gowns. it's so fun. >> reporter: jennifer aniston striking a pose in this red valentino. do you feel like a princess? >> in this thing, i do. i feel like this is very, like, "king and i." >> reporter: and one of my favorites, kerry washington said yes, yes, to this miu miu gown.
8:17 am
>> i'm miu knew right away. >> i'm miu knew right away. >> reporter: and one of the nom mees made an oscar fashion surprise. >> it's made by h&m. i'm not kidding. i'm not kidding. >> reporter: some of hollywood's hottest couples let us in on their red carpet secrets. >> when tom ford offers to dress you, you just say yes, please. >> yes. tom ford squared. this is it. >> reporter: and george helped, i'm sure. >> i sewed most of the sequins on myself. >> big wow. big wow. and reem acra. we're going to talk more about the fashion on the red carpet. we have abc's rachel smith. and celebrity stylist and star of bravo's "it's a brad brad world" who dressed two of the hottest women on the carpet. jenna dewan-tatum. who made being very pregnant so gorgeously stylish. gorgeous last night.
8:18 am
>> she's a gorgeous woman. when she came to me, she was like, what should we do? i was like, let's do sexy. she was like, okay. >> pregnant women are sexy. >> exactly. >> i love it. and then, stacy keibler to me, was one of the best dressed of the night. it was a naeem khan dress. >> thank you. >> what was the inspiration? >> we did a whole art deco. like 1920's vibe. i saw it as soon as it debuted at new york fashion week. i called him and said, we have to have it. >> george tried to take credit. for styling her. >> george can do whatever he wants. >> i want to ask, your dress looked so beautiful. i spotted you on the carpet. you looked so great. can you share with us? >> this was from pamela roland. i wore this for the vanity fair party. i carried it through the night. this one here, a deep teal is by mr. kevin hall. i wore it on the red carpet at the oscars. >> beautiful. gorgeous. >> it just felt classy.
8:19 am
it felt like -- >> the right dress. >> who are you wearing? both of you have turned it out this morning? >> this old thing. this is by carmen marc valvo. on the red carpet, i wore kauffman franco. >> marc bouwer on the carpet and can you look at my label? >> it's a st. john. all right, let's talk about some of the incredible gowns we saw last night. you both loved naomi watts wearing armani prive. >> yes. >> yes. >> this was very avant garde. >> i loved this look. i think, you know, there was a metallics trend last night and also, "great gatsby" art deco vibe happening with a lot of girls. and i think that she put a very modern spin on it. she looked like she was dipped in silver and thrown on the carpet. >> but not too modern. it was still oscar-appropriate. you have to respect that it is the oscars. it was spot on. she's been very versatile with her trends this season.
8:20 am
>> want to go to the other end of the spectrum. >> jennifer lawrence was on the top of many, many lists. >> agreed. what did you think of that beautiful ball gown? >> i loved it. i think when people think of the oscars this is what comes to mind. this is the quintessential oscars gown. i think styling it with the really light diamonds by the yard, we call it, chain down her back. >> yeah, that was a nice touch. to wear it in the back not the front. it was very sexy. >> super elegant. she looked young and fresh. she brought us couture. this is dior. she has worn a lot of it. she saved the best for last. >> she can carry it off. jessica chastain, that was old hollywood, wasn't it? >> oh, yeah. >> she all matched. all bronzy gorgeous. >> i wanted that hair. so badly. it was perfect. >> she looked like a statuette. >> just beautiful. that gown, the beautiful, the beading in all the right places. shimmering and shining. she just looked like heaven last
8:21 am
night. >> i'm glad to know that you agreed with me on this one. i gasped when i saw the back of jennifer garner's gown. from the front, really simple, a pretty color. but turn around, all that bustle up the back. it was so special. >> i love it. i call that a peekaboo moment. it looks normal from the front and they turn around and it's like, damn. >> baby got back. >> she was one of my favorites last night in all honesty. she was so glam. >> my favorite was halle berry. halle berry. she looked the part in versace. she never goes wrong. >> what she does, too, she do does -- the look was nice and it was strong and powerful but sexy and glamorous. you know, halle has a good track record. really, really good. >> in person, it just resonated to a whole new level. oh, my gosh. >> thank you so much. thank you, rachel. thank you, brad. congratulations. could talk about this for hours.
8:22 am
but alas, george. >> are you ready for adele? >> let's do it. >> she sang "skyfall," got the oscar for best song. what a year she's had, coming off the grammys last year, her new little boy. now the oscars. you can tell she's loving it all. ♪ make the skyfall make me tremble ♪ >> and the oscar goes to -- >> "skyfall." adele adkins and paul epworth. ♪ >> congratulations. great to meet you. >> i don't need my shoes, oh, thanks god. feel how heavy these are. >> let me see. >> i took my shoes off. i'm sorry. >> that's okay. >> thank you so much. thank you. this is amazing. >> so, what did you think? >> i'm really, really very emotional, to be honest. oh, god. believing in me all the time. and my man, i love you, baby. it's been quite crazy. the minute i had my baby, i
8:23 am
thought things would take sort of a slowing down period. and this year, it's just been as crazy as it was last year. >> that's a good thing. >> another industry. it's incredible. ♪ oh this is the end ♪ i've drowned and dreamt this moment ♪ >> i know that you thought it was daunting to take on the whole bond enterprise. but it paid off. >> it did. the connections have been great, lovely for me. >> could you have imagined this? >> no. when i go back to the dressing room, i was thinking like, i could have been a bit grim, my life. you know, yeah. and it's not. it's fabulous. i'm very, very lucky. >> when are we going to see another album? >> i'm a mum right now. i know what sound i want to go for. that's promising. take my time. >> can you tell us what it is? >> it's a bit rawer.
8:24 am
rawer than "21." paying homage to another kind of style. oh, my god, daniel day-lewis won. fabulous. that's my new word. i'm l.a. >> adele is so charming. coming up, we have all the oscar afterparties and a lot more dj kiss. ♪ i heard him screaming out your name your name ♪
8:25 am
>> now from abc7 news. developing news from the coast a search underway if four missing people who abandoned the sinking sailboat. the search centered 60 miles off of the coast, the group with two children called for help. they had to abandon ship because it was sinking. the coast guard lost radio contact with the group. now, the morning commute. sue, where are the problems? >> we had an early accident that is cleared with traffic improving westbound. we had an accident west 580 off
8:26 am
on the shoulder but the damage remains. slow over the altamont pass this morning. we also have on the peninsula a couple of problems south 101 at third and earlier at wood side, very slow traffic there, as well. we will check with mike nicco
8:27 am
>> we have high clouds and sunshine over san francisco. the temperatures are 52, 48 in oak. upper 30's in santa cruz and
8:28 am
livermore. a look at walnut creek this morning shows our temperatures are going to be close if not below average today, in the low-to-mid 60's. we will have mid-to-upper 50's along the coast where it will be breezy. tonight, cooler than this morning and frost ♪ and i am ♪ ♪ just the second man i let you know ♪ ♪ i want to be free talk about a show-stopper right there. jennifer hudson bringing the house down last night. dj kiss bringing the house up
8:29 am
here this morning. >> i know you said something. also ahead, one of the stars shining bright on the red carpet, our good friend michael strahan from "live with kelly and michael." he'll tell us how he surprise one of the oscars. and then the stars and sam were all out very, very late last night. celebrating the big post-oscar parties. we'll take you inside the governor's ball. elton john's star-studd eded s e soiree. >> journalism. same doing some journalism. take a look. it looks like an oscar. wolfgang puck. he's been catering the governor's ball for two decades. >> he sends every year, little ones that go out all over the
8:30 am
tables. we try to take them home. go ahead, bite the head off. go ahead. >> it is, george, i think. >> oh, please. >> i was worried there for a moment. >> that was very brave. i didn't know if it was chocolate or not. >> i didn't know either. >> well loved. 7,000 bucks. >> i have never been happier. is there that could have gone so wrong. >> i'm so glad it was chocolate, america. oscar eight in is unforgettable. cameron mathison was with michael strahan of "live with kelly and michael" to talk about his adventures. give michael a hug for all of us there, cam. >> you want me to give him a hug. absolutely. >> thank you, man. >> it was your first red carpet last night.
8:31 am
>> it was. one of my first guests was robin roberts. >> is that right? >> robin came in, got me straight, made me feel comfortable. the rest of the night was kind of a breeze. >> i saw you on the red carpet. it didn't look like your first time. you looked like you were running the show. who were you most excited to talk to? >> everybody was exciting to me. one of my favorite moments, adele came over. i said, i want to sing for you. i love your music. i sing it on the air all the time. she started talking about me singing with her, she started laughing. >> how did it go? >> she didn't get mad at me. >> she didn't hit you? >> no, she was happy. something went well. it was nothing like her performance. i'm sure everybody at home enjoyed her more than me. >> i don't know. some people would like to hear you sing on a regular basis.
8:32 am
you covered the super bowl red carpet. oscars last night. what a run. >> football is different. it's athletes. and that was cool covering athletes and some celebrities. but oscars is like the super bowl four the movies. it's like everybody, people that you have only seen in magazines or only on tv or in the movie shooter. everybody is coming across your stage. you have to think quick. it was interesting. everybody was nice. everybody was really into it. athought a lot of the nominees would be nervous. i was more nervous than they were. >> big-time people out there. you get them on "live" any way. what were some of the surprises in the show itself? >> i thought christoph waltz's win was great. it was like, it's going to be a tight one. i was very happy for him to win that because i enjoyed his
8:33 am
performance. i thought everybody was just, it was really good. everybody that won deserved to win. >> you went back home to watch the live show. and you went to the "vanity fair" party yourself. >> we're going to have fun today. >> it will be great show. the afteroscar show on "live" coming up right after "good morning america." thanks, mike. >> thank you. >> "live with kelly & michael's" afteroscar show. >> everybody says it takes skill to cover the oscars. it takes an enormous amount of skill and fortitude to do what really happens in this town. that's every party in l.a. after the oscars is over. take a look. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> if there was an oscar category called best party --
8:34 am
>> tonight, i love the whole world. >> reporter: the nominees would include vanity fair. >> it's fun. you get to see all your friends. >> it's great mix of people. >> reporter: and the academy's governor's ball. it's an intimate affair. dozens of dishes by wolfgang puck. >> we have so many chefs. 300. >> we all love your soup. >> mr. tarantino, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> it's now a tradition for oscar winners to have their names engraved on the newly minted statue right at the party. who's who will come to elton john's oscars viewing party. >> he raised over $300 million. >> we're ecstatic. we would like to raise a lot more. the battle is not over yesterday.
8:35 am
>> you want to tell me what that is? >> i was hoping it was a ruby. i know they're diamonds. >> reporter: every oscar nominee is invited to the vanity fair party. >> yeah, there it is. >> reporter: if there was an oscar for best party, why would some get more votes than others? the answer is in the stars. >> it is the place to be. >> it's near my house. >> on the way home. >> we do get a younger clientele. >> stay up all night and keep it rolling. ♪ oh, oh >> the oscars is the most amazing event in america. [ cheers and applause ] >> so much fun. and -- and a party like elton john's for the elton john's aids foundation, they've raised more
8:36 am
than $300 million for aids since 1992 when they started. there's some wonderful things going on in this town and a lot of charitable happenings. >> did you get any sleep? >> sleep? what is that. look at this audience, by the way. come on, audience. you're amazing. let's get a little, get them there. you're up and awake this morning. many of you have not slept either. can you come home with us? will you please? will you please just come back? let's get to the boards. we're going to show you what is going on. what's going on outside. we start with your twitter and facebook pages from texas. blizzard conditions. tallahassee, hail falling. strong to severe thunderstorms in the south. if you're from mobile to atlanta to charleston, tallahassee,
8:37 am
there will be heavy rain in the next 48 hours. the western part is today, the eastern part is tomorrow. it's heavy rain. and exactly where it was last week, that plowing snow. all the way through wichita, kansas city. you thought you had snow, you're getting just as much this time. locally, 18 inches of snow. the big board today. we're all a little exhausted after the oscars. [ cheers and applause ] >> nice job, sam. >> as always. >> i'm telling you, everybody, everybody in the crowd up all night to be here. >> up all night. >> all that weather was brought
8:38 am
to you by aveeno. >> you had the opportunity to sit down with the leading ladied and the leading men. daniel day-lewis and christoph waltz. we'll hear there them in moments. but first, his costar,
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
[ cheers and applause ] back here at the oscars with dj kiss and a big crowd here on monday morning. coming up all the winners from last night. the leading men right now. the leading ladies first-time winners. not the guy. daniel day-lewis. third time. made a little history. and christoph waltz winning for the second time. >> and the oscar goes to daniel day-lewis. ♪ >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> i was half tempted to say, congratulation, mr. president. seth macfarlane had fun with your prep. >> if you saw a cell phone, would you have to be like, oh,
8:42 am
my god, what's that? >> it's really more to do with the reluctance to put aside something that is so central to your life. a big part of your life for a period, a physical period of time. since we got married 16 years ago, my wife rebecca has lived with some very strange men. blood's been spilled to afford us this moment. now, now, now! >> how much did it change your impression of lincoln? >> it's not that it changed it. i didn't know anything about him. everything i learned was new. i had been committed to play margaret thatcher. um -- the more you discover the flaw lines in a character, the more impressive they become in a strange way. i better take him. ♪ >> and the oscar goes to --
8:43 am
christoph waltz, "jadjango unchain unchained." >> you can put it right there. you have won two oscars with quentin tarantino. >> we participated in a hero's journey. the hero being quentin. >> why is he a hero? >> a hero's journey is usually connected to a fight that leads to inner progress. and quentin was working himself through this story. to slay the dragon because you're not afraid of it and you cross through fire because it's worth it. i borrowed my character's words. sorry, coulden resist. >> where did you dig him up? >> a turn of e vechbts brought django and myself together.
8:44 am
it was great to be put in that journey in the supporting actor. you're supposed to help the story along and -- what can go wrong now? >> winner winner chicken dinner. awesome. congratulations. >> that's so great. >> that was a nice little surprise. >> that is the beauty of being backstage. you never know. and they really enjoy -- they're colleagues. they enjoy seeing each other. >> it's a big, big night. they're all winning. there's a nice bar right on the side. >> the embrace between daniel day-lewis and meryl streep. six academy awards between them. >> who knew they swapped roles? straight from mperforming a sir elton john's oscar party,
8:45 am
here live. days of walking
8:46 am
to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
8:47 am
[ cheers and applause ] hey, everybody. you probably know that stars flock to elton john's annual party and viewing party it goes very late into the night. we have the performer who captivated the crowd. i love your sound. and clearly so does elton. everybody please welcome, emily sundae. >> thank you. who did you get to sit next to? >> bono, elton john. >> oh, hi. >> you just won two brit awards. you're singing a song right now,
8:48 am
next to me. next to me. or see ya. ♪ ♪ you'll find him drinking on the table rolling dice or staying out till 3:00 ♪ ♪ you'll never find him be unfaithful you will find him you'll find him next to me ♪ ♪ you'll find him trying to chase the devil for money, fame, power out of reach ♪ ♪ you'll never find him where the rest go you will find him you'll find him next to me ♪ ♪ next to me who-hoo next to me
8:49 am
who-hoo ♪ ♪ next to me who-hoo you will find him you'll find him next to me ♪ ♪ when the money's spent and all my friends have vanished and i can't seem to find no help for free ♪ ♪ i know there's no need for me to panic cause i'll find him i'll find him next to me ♪ ♪ when the sky's are gray and all the doors are closing and the rising pressure makes it hard to breathe ♪ ♪ when all i need is a hand to stop the tearing from falling i will find him i'll find him next to me ♪ ♪ next to me who-hoo next to me
8:50 am
who-hoo next to me who-hoo i will find him i'll find him next to me ♪ ♪ when the end has come and building's falling down fast when we pull up the sleds and dried up all the sea ♪ ♪ when everyone has lost their heads around us you'll find him you will find him next to me next to me who-hoo ♪ ♪ next to me who-hoo next to me who-hoo you will find him you'll find him next to me ♪ ♪ next to me who-hoo next to me
8:51 am
who-hoo next to me who-hoo you will find him you'll find him next to me ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
what a wonderful time here. great audience. our thanks again. emili sande. thank you. dj kiss. got to be a morning after. >> our friends at in and out. a california institution and a great breakfast. >> big day tomorrow. sam and lara right here. the whole cast of "dancing with the stars" will be revealed. a big day tomorrow. >> man style, baby. >> animal style, forever! >> thanks for watching, everybody.
8:55 am
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>> now, abc7 news. oakland authorities are investigating the discovery of a man's body after a witness saw a body floating after 2:00 yesterday afternoon in the estuary 20 feet from shore. they are trying to determine the identity of the man and the cause of death. and now the weather forecast. mike, it is turning sunny. >> we have a few clouds and a lost senator behind and we will be partly cloudy do mostly sunny , close to average in the low-to-mid 60's away from the beach and downtown san francisco where it will be breezy and mid-to-upper 50's. it will be cold tonight with frost possible inland, and
8:58 am
warmer days through friday. sue? >> thanks, early accident south 101 has been cleared and you can see traffic is recovering nicely and a little sluggish moving to central san rafael, and a grind on the peninsula, south 101 early accident at 3rd and woodside is the announcer: live from the stage of the oscars at the dolby theater in hollywood, california , it's "live! with kelly & michael"'s after-oscar show. today, we go backstage to talk to all the big winners. and we catch up with hollywood's biggest stars on the red carpet. plus, oscar winner christoph waltz joins us. and late night comedy genius jimmy kimmel stops by. and our own panel of experts reveal their fashion favorites. plus, interviews with george
8:59 am
clooney, jack nicholson, jennifer hudson, anne hathaway, halle berry, bradley cooper, reese witherspoon, and jennifer lawrence. all next on "live." [cheers and applause] [james bond theme song] ♪ [james bond theme song] ♪ ♪

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